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coming out of your room at 3 am and seeing your parents


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"I think it’s brave to try to be happy."
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"Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones"
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I’m such a nice girl, I’m so sick of being fuckzoned!!!!!!!

What’s the fuckzone you ask? it’s this zone that guys put you in where they only want to fuck you; they don’t want to have a friendship with you and they aren’t satisfied with emotional commitment, they just want sex!!!!!

I’m a nice girl!!!! Stop putting me in the fuckzone!!!!!!!

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i dont understand why guys wont buy tampons because:

  1. NO one thinks theyre for you
  2. actually everyone thinks youre the sweetest person ever and there is a 103% chance i will date u
  3. nobody thinks theyre for you calm the fuck down

4. they’ll probably assume you have a girlfriend

5. no one cares if you buy pads/tampons. absolutely no one cares.

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